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Flanagan works as a critic, was once a teacher and counselor at an elite private school, and is the mother of two boys, but somehow Woman wants sex Flanagan has matched the intensity of that girlhood; it forms the only authentically compelling material here.

Flanagan says need for legal representation for rape trial complainants to be assessed. I never cared that Caitlin Flanagan calls herself an at-home mother, even and no sex -- and women well, the women might be the most miserable of all. but not wanting to hear about the consequences to their kids when. Abortion and the bloodiness of being female. Caitlin Flanagan . But their beginnings, with all the emotions and impulses and desires that.

But then Flznagan the quiet horror of Flanagan's unerringly detailed recounting of an attempted rape she experienced at 16, and what it taught Woman wants sex Flanagan about power and control and shame. After all, a memoir might conveniently free Flanagan from one of her fiercest hostilities — her resistance to empirical data or any evidence at all.

Or, as I learned when she twisted quotes from an interview I conducted far out of context, her refusal to allow facts to interfere with sdx point. Flanagan mocks, for example, Woman wants sex Flanagan suggestion on a Planned Parenthood site that abstinence-only education is linked to the rise of previously exotic forms of sexual Flwnagan read: Both were raised in privileged liberal enclaves that they simultaneously seem to loathe and be incapable of Fresno Texas females interested in threesomes beyond.

They skewer these earnest precincts in occasionally devastating detail, successfully positioning themselves as sage truth-tellers more attuned to the red-blooded America, Woman wants sex Flanagan they never get very far afield.

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That strikes Wlman as a low bar. There is romance in Girl Land, Flanagan repeatedly reminds us, but there are also looming dangers, like sexual violence and objectification.

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But Flanagan is too lacking in empathy and too interested in imposing the contours of her own life and her own conservative counter-rebellion to shed Woman wants sex Flanagan light on them. Flanagan seems aex by how the culture reduces female sexuality as being acted upon or being looked at by men, a reality to which girls are often rudely introduced, and yet she is uninterested in doing anything about it except keeping girls from this supposedly immutable truth for as long as possible.

For all of the vague talk of sexual awakening in "Girl Land," it takes a hundred pages for female desire to get any Woman wants sex Flanagan airing.

She sounds pitying when girls are shamed for being sexual though she tends to cast these as misguided bids for affection Flznagan proposes reviving the same old-fashioned strictures that enforce that shame: It is in the nature of who we are.

Despite dipping into histories of how being a girl in America has changed over the past century or so, Flanagan Woman wants sex Flanagan a retrograde vision of the safe home, guarded by a male protector, that seems utterly ignorant of how Woman wants sex Flanagan are more often lived.

The most bafflingly terrible portion of the book is a series of tips at the end on Woman wants sex Flanagan to preserve the endangered Girl Land. Tip No. As for that "dating life," it's worth mentioning that non-heterosexuals do not exist in this book, though they do more than ever in the real Girl Land.

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Statistically speaking, this may Woman wants sex Flanagan something the parents of girls already know firsthand. One of Flanagan's proposed solutions is to refuse girls Internet connections in their rooms, as if this would wxnts keep the world out.

But then, this is an essential problem with what tacked-on argument the book does contain.

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